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High School Midterm Report Cards

High School midterm report cards are available on Parent Portal as of 5:00 p.m. on April 30. 

A.I. Night for Parents

Join us on May 2nd, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at Notre Dame High School, for an engaging A.I. Night led by the OCSB Learning Technologies Department. 

Dive into an evening where we shed light on the positive, transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in enriching our students' educational journeys. We'll be leveraging our School Board's Guiding Principles when it comes to A.I. that shape our approach to integrating and showcasing its uplifting impact on teaching and learning. 

Discover the exciting possibilities as we demonstrate how A.I. is not just a tool, but a partner in creating a future where every student thrives. Be part of a night that celebrates innovation and the promise of tomorrow in education!

Register to attend via EventBrite at http://OttawaCSPA.eventbrite.com. 

Hairstylist Exam Preparation for Newcomers

For adult newcomers, Continuing & Community Education is offering a new 10-week virtual ESL Hairstyling Exam Preparation Course for Internationally Trained Hair Stylists starting April 16th. The course is offered in partnership with the Ontario Hairstyling Professionals Association and the Ottawa Community Loan Fund's Credential Recognition Program, and is funded by Ontario. For more information, call St. Patrick's Adult School, 613-594-5773 or email Patrick.Adult@ocsb.ca

Job Opportunities

Interested in working with the Ministry of Education Student Achievement Division?

There are several postings for secondment positions ranging from Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting to Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Pathway, Job Skills Programs. View all postings here.

Deadline to apply is Monday, April 29th, at 11:59 pm.

PD DAY - April 8

There will be no school on Monday, April 8 for students. 


We celebrate le mois de la francophonie with joy.  It's the perfect time to say "merci!" 

You can join us by recognizing an OCSB employee who spreads joy through acts of kindness, caring and compassion by filling out this form by Friday, March 29, 2024. We will send that employee a copy of your submission to let them know their actions are appreciated. Nominate as many OCSB employees as you would like. 

Dress Down Day - March 28

March 28 will be a dress down day for students. Students are not required to wear their unfirom on this day. 

Parent Teacher Interviews - Grade 9-12 - March 27

Reminder that parent-teacher conferences for students in grades 9-12 are scheduled for this Wednesday, March 27.

Additionally, there will be an early dismissal for all students in grades 7-12 on this day, with school ending at 1:30 pm. ND After 3 activities will be canceled as well.

Walk ins are welcome for parent-teacher conferences but no guarantee you will be able to see your child's teacher(s).

A booking link was emailed last week and today, March 25. Please check your junk/spam folder. If you do not see it, you may need to update your SchoolMessenger settings and selected the email icon for general emails.  

Early Dismissal - March 27

On Wednesday, March 27 all students will be dismissed at 1:30.  This is an early dismissal so that high school teachers can prepare for parent/teacher conferences. 

The Student  Achievement Plan: Calls to Action 

A Student Achievement Plan (SAP) establishes school priorities, goals and performance indicators to support continuous, quality improvement.  It is a standardized tool for schools to identify local actions that will lead to improved achievement, equity, well-being and transitions for all students.  Over the next few newsletters, we will share elements of our SAP with you. 

Each school in the OCSB selects at least one Truth and Reconciliation Call to Action and builds this into their SAP.  Calls to Action #62-65 are directly related to Education.  We provide every student with meaningful opportunities to learn about Indigenous peoples and participate in Indigenous-centered activities. If your child self-identifies as First Nation, Métis, or Inuit, we also provide further culturally-relevant programming to honour your child’s Indigenous ancestry and support their academic success.  For more information about Indigenous Education at the OCSB, click here.

Notre Dame has selected Call To Action 63

We are building capacity in our school by actions such as: making use and providing resources for use in our Restorative Practices room; creating opportunities for student exchanges with Indigenous students from the Northwest Territories; creating opportunities for staff and student learning through guest speakers and other opportunities; and implementing restorative practices and community circles.

Attendance Matters - THE 10/10 Rule

The most important time in class is the first ten minutes and the last ten minutes. Knowing this, we follow the 10/10 rule at Notre Dame.  We expect all students to be in class and focused on learning at this time.  

In the first ten minutes, teachers: set expectations; introduce lessons; begin routines; and establish the overall academic goals for the session.  In the last ten minutes, teachers will consolidate, highlight key moments from the day, and let students know how to prepare for the next class.  

You can see why these blocks of time are so important. It is also important to continue having conversations about being in class on time.  Thank you for supporting these conversations at home.  We know that your discussions are having a significant impact on the improving attendance rates that we have been experiencing. 


If your student is enrolled in e-learning classes for semester 2, please see below for some important information.

Mindtrust Leadership - Youth Leadership Program


The Mindtrust Youth Leadership Program (YLP) builds on the 20-year history of the very successful Mindtrust leadership programs for youth, with more than 1,200 total graduates. YLP responds to the need to develop next generation leaders and is intended for young, impact-driven, and demonstrated leaders with an interest in the future of leadership. YLP has been delivered eleven times since early 2020 in collaboration with local community organizations.

1. Why should you consider the Mindtrust Youth Leadership Program?

Throughout the program, you will expand your leadership skills and be encouraged to consider the impact that you can have as a leader throughout your own leadership journey. The program will allow you to engage directly with other youth, from a variety of backgrounds, that have an interest in developing their leadership skills, and to extend your network through discussions with community leaders acting as mentors for the program (Mindtrust Leaders).

2. When will the Youth Leadership Program be held?

The program will take place during the secondary school March Break (March 11th – 14th, 2024).

3. Where will the Youth Leadership Program be held?

The program will be held fully in-person at Bayview Yards.

4. How much does it cost?

The normal fee to attend is $375 per person. The fee will be waived for residents of Ottawa due to the generous support of our community partners.

*Transportation to in-person sessions will not be covered.

5. How many people will be admitted to the Program? Who is eligible?

There are 20 spots available to young leaders between 16 and 20 years of age. Preference will be given to those who are from disadvantaged/racialized communities. Should demand permit the possibility of a second cohort, a further 20 positions will be available.

6. What is Mindtrust?

Mindtrust is a not-for-profit corporation (charity) based in Ottawa, with the following mission: Mindtrust brings together youth leaders in the local community to learn, share experiences and support one another in the pursuit of leadership excellence.

Click here for 2024 MARCH BREAK PROGRAM REGISTRATION and more information. 

Early Dismissal - February 22

On Thursday, February 22, all students will be dismissed at 1:30.  This is an early dismissal so that teachers can prepare for parent/teacher conferences. 

Grad Photo Retakes - February 20

Attention all Graduates and their families.

Edge Imaging will be returning to Notre Dame for a 2nd grad portrait session. This is for anyone who did not have a full Grad Portrait session or requires a retake.

Please follow the steps below to book an appointment.

Please note: Everyone must book an appointment ONLINE to be photographed on that day.


Grad Retake Photo Day – February 20, 2024

No 1 = www.bookmygrad.ca

No 2 = book a photo session-Edge Imaging

No 3 =Graduation photography -Book at your school

No 4 = At the bottom of the page -Start Booking now – enter your access code “MEJ“.

No 5 =Select your perfect sitting and time.

No 6 = Show up on time for your photo on Feb 20

OPH Catch Up Clinic - February 16

Due to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some students may have missed the opportunity to receive their vaccines normally offered at school in Grade 7 (including Meningococcal Conjugate ACYW-135, Human Papillomavirus and Hepatitis B vaccines), and their adolescent Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis booster. To help children catch-up on their vaccines, OPH will be holding an upcoming immunization clinic at Notre Dame High School on Friday, February 16, 2024. This catch-up clinic is offered to students in grade 8-12.

Flu and COVID-19 vaccines will also be available.

Students whose parents give consent will be called down by grade to receive their vaccination(s).

Consent forms were emailed to parents/guardians on February 2, 2024. If you require a paper copy, please send your child to the office to pick one up.

Grade 7 Immunization Clinic is scheduled for April 10 and 11.

Eagle Wear Sale Deadline - February 16

Tuckgear.ca is now live and selling Eagle wear. This is the last time this year it will be available. The deadline for sales is Feb 16, 2024.

It might be hard to believe, but warmer weather will be here before we know it.  This is a good opportunity to purchase t-shirts to beat the heat.  Last year, many students were disappointed to have missed the opportunity to purchase a t-shirt.

Grade 7/8 Parent/Teacher Conferences  - February 22

Late afternoon and evening on Thursday, February 22, parents and guardians will be able to meet with their student’s teachers.  

Booking information will be sent to parent/guardian emails on Wednesday, February 14.

Join our Winter Trip to Lake Placid, NY

Is your child interested in exciting activities like skating, cross country skiing, delicious food, and international travel? If so, we have an incredible opportunity for them!

Our Outdoor Club is organizing a winter trip to Lake Placid, located in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. This beautiful Olympic Village offers a variety of thrilling experiences for everyone.

What to Expect

Contact Mr. Monaghan for More Information

If your child is interested in this fantastic opportunity, please have them reach out to Mr. Monaghan.  He will provide further details and answer any questions you may have.

School Council Meeting

Immediately following the Program Night presentation, all parents and guardians are invited to join the Catholic School Council meeting. 

The meeting will take place on February 7 at 7:30 pm.  Those who cannot attend in person will be able to attend via Google Meet.  To join this hybrid meeting, click here before February 6 to receive an invitation link.  The link will be shared on the day of the meeting.   Those joining us in person can meet us in the Learning Commons (Library). 

Cafeteria Closure

The cafeteria food service will be closed on January 25 and will remain closed until February 5.  

Our Inclusion team will be selling pizza and cookies while quantities last during 7/8 lunch. 

Program Night - February 7

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming Program Night, happening on Wednesday, February 7. This event will provide an opportunity for you to gain valuable insights into your student’s educational journey and to meet with teachers and staff. We will be discussing important updates, curriculum highlights, and various resources available to support success.  We look forward to seeing you there.



Grade 9 Students 

Please note that grade 9 courses do not have final exams. Grade 9 students will finish regular instruction on Wednesday, January 24th. On January 25, 26, 29 and 30 all grade 9 students will complete summative assessments (Rich Summative Tasks or other assessments) between 8:45 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. each day. Click here for the RST schedule; see below for a summary of the daily schedule.

Grade 10-12 Exams 

The last day of regular classes for all students in Grades 10-12 is Wednesday, January 24th. Exams will be written in students' regular classroom (unless their teacher has indicated a different classroom, please refer to the exam schedule above). Students are expected to be in their class by 8:45am.  All exams will be written in the morning commencing at 9 am.  Students in grade 10-12 courses are only required to attend on days in which they have a scheduled exam.  Please use the following link to view the exam schedule: Click here

Inclement Weather During Exams

In the event of an "inclement weather day” during the high school exam period where yellow school bus transportation is cancelled, exam schedules at all OCSB schools for all students will be affected (not just for school bus riders). The missed exam (or grade 9 assessment) will be written the following school day. All other exam (and grade 9 assessments) will be bumped by one day. For example, if Tuesday, January 30th were declared an inclement weather day, then all period 4 exams would be written on Wednesday, January 31st.  During a snow day, the school will be open, but exams (and grade 9 assessments) will not be written.

E-Learning Exams 

There will not be any formal, supervised exams for e-learning, rather, all final exams/summative assessments will be completed by the student in the same way they have completed assessments throughout the semester. Students taking e-learning courses will receive information about their exam/summative assessment directly from their e-learning teacher. 

The following summarizes the end of the semester:

Thursday, January 25th

Period 1 Summative Assessments (gr 9)

Period 1 Exams (gr 10-12)

Friday, January 26th

Period 2 Summative Assessments (gr 9)

Period 2 Exams (gr 10-12)

Monday, January 29th

Period 3 Summative Assessments (gr 9)

Period 3 Exams (gr 10-12)

Tuesday, January 30th

Period 4 Summative Assessments (gr 9)

Period 4 Exams (gr 10-12)

Wednesday, January 31st

Exam Inclement Weather Day

Thursday, February 1st

Credit Intervention Day

Friday, February 2nd

PD Day for all grades (7-12)

Monday, February 5th

First day of High School Semester 2

Vacation and work arrangements are expected to be made around the examination timetable.

Please note that grade 7&8 students follow their regular class schedule during exams.

In preparation for final exams, please refer to the "Study Skills" presentation, linked HERE.  

Exam Period - Planning Ahead

High School Exams will take place from January 25 to 31. 


Students in many grade 10 to 12 courses will have final exams in their courses.  Students can see their teachers for more information about exams in each course. 

Students in grade 9 are not writing exams; however, grade 9 students will have a special class schedule for the exam period.  This will involve work associated with the students’ rich summative task (RST) taking place during a final class during the high school exam period.

More details on these schedules will be posted after the break.

This is just a reminder so that you can book vacation or appointments so they do not conflict with these very important days.   In general, it is very important not to miss class time in January at all because of RSTs (final projects), exam reviews, and exams in courses. 

Students in grades 7&8 follow their regular schedule during the high school exam period.

Graduation Photos

Attention graduates and families! 

Edge Imaging will be here from January 15 to January 17, 2024 to take graduation photos. Unlike school photos taken in grade 9-11, students must sign up for a grad photo session.  

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be featured in the class composite and leave your legacy in the hallways of the school for years to come. Students can sign up for a photo appointment using our school code MEJ at bookmygrad.ca

Not sure what to expect from your grad sitting? Check out this video!

Catholic School Council Presents: Be Community - December 19

Parents and guardians, please join us on December 19 at 8:00am, in-person, at Notre Dame for an opportunity to build community.  For this meeting, we will provide coffee and muffins, so please click here before December 15 to let us know if you are attending so that we can plan accordingly.  

We hope you can join us!

Notre Dame in the News

Flip to page 20 in this issue of the KITCHISSIPPI TIMES to read an article written by Grade 11 student, Krysha Lopez.  Thank you Krysha!

This article highlights the amazing benches that Mr. Watzenboeck’s classes built for St. George School.  Without spoiling the article for you, it is an excellent example of Deep Learning and how we build community.

Advent Project

Our Inclusion students, EAs and teachers are getting into the Advent Season by working together to provide shoeboxes for the Shepherds of Good Hope. In order to help with this initiative they are partnering with Produce Depot. 

Our students will be bagging groceries on December 12 from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm, and they will be accepting donations for their work.  

All proceeds will be used to purchase items like; adult hats, mitts, neck warmers, hand and foot warmers, deodorants, shampoo, lip balm, toothpaste, and more. Inclusion students will box them and deliver them to the Shepherds of Good Hope.

The Jesse Tree: Support Operation Come Home

Students and staff have been donating hats and mittens under the Jesse Tree.  We encourage anyone who is able to donate new MITTENS, HATS, or SOCKS.  

All of these items will be donated to OPERATION COME HOME.  This is also part of a Challenge Based Learning project from Ms. Curtis’s class. 

PD DAY - December 8

December 8 is a PD Day for all staff.  School will not be open to students on that day.

Practicing Lockdowns as a School Community - December 7

The safety and well-being of our students and staff are our top priorities. While it is our sincere hope that such measures will never need to be implemented, it is crucial for us to be prepared for any potential emergency situation. As such, we practice emergency procedures such as lockdown and fire drills. These drills are conducted in a manner that is age-appropriate and prioritizes safety.  Being prepared and informed is essential in maintaining a secure and supportive learning environment for all. 

The Student  Achievement Plan: Global Competencies

A Student Achievement Plan (SAP) establishes school priorities, goals and performance indicators to support continuous, quality improvement.  It is a standardized tool for schools to identify local actions that will lead to improved achievement, equity, well-being and transitions for all students.  Over the next few newsletters, we will share elements of our SAP with you. 

We will continue to Be Innovative and focus on 21st Century skills.  Notre Dame, like all schools in the OCSB, is a Deep Learning school.  While we focus on all Global Competencies, for this school year we are paying special attention to Citizenship and Critical Thinking in all courses. 

Citizenship is the skill that allows your child to connect with people with diverse world views and perspectives diplomatically. People who master this skill are engaged members of society who contribute to improving our world for the benefit of all.

Critical thinking is the ability to thoughtfully evaluate information and arguments by seeing patterns and making connections. This skill is becoming more and more important as information becomes easier to access and will help your child apply information and knowledge in the real world. 

Volunteer Hours

Our Lady of Fatima parish is putting on a Christmas show on December 8 at the Church from 7:30 PM until 8:30 pm and they are requesting volunteers.  Parents/guardians can contact: Chris Sandes sandesc@icloud.com or call: 613 866 7618 for more information. 

Congratulations SR Boys Volleyball Team!

Please join us in congratulating the Senior Boys Volleyball team who just returned from the single A OFSAA championship in Kitchener. The boys played the top ranked teams across Ontario and held their own. The first day presented some challenges but by the second day, they found their groove, beating a team from Red Lake to continue on to the quarter finals where they faced a top team from Hamilton. It went back and forth the entire match and they pushed to 5 sets. Down by only 2 points, the Eagles’ journey came to an end. Ms Smith and Ms R are so proud of how the guys represented themselves (and ND) on and off the court. What a huge accomplishment to be ranked one of the top 20 teams in the province! They should be so proud of an incredible volleyball season! 

Important Grad Info

Grad fees are $60.00 and are due by November 15, 2023.  You are able to pay through School Cash Online.   Grad fees help cover the cost of gown rentals, reception and various commencement expenses. If you have questions, please see us in Student Services.

Check out other important grad updates, right here!

School Theater Returns!

You are invited to join us for the first live theatre production at ND since before 2020. This entertaining show will take place on December 7.  Doors open at 6:30.  The suggested price of admission is $5, though attendees are welcome to pay what they are able.


Grade 10 students in Ontario are required to write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) and pass with a minimum grade of 75% to graduate high school. Our Grade 10 students will be writing the OSSLT on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. Any student in grade 11 or 12 who has not yet been successful on the OSSLT will write at this time as well.

Important Dates:

Please see the email sent home about OSSLT for information about preparing for the test and more.


On the evening of November 23, parents and guardians will be able meet with their student’s teachers.  

Booking information has been sent to parent/guardian emails. 

Search your emails for "7/8 Parent Teacher Interview Sign Up "


On November 23, all students will be dismissed at 1:30.  This is an early dismissal so that teachers can prepare for parent/teacher conferences. 

Catholic School Council - Wednesday, November 15 @ 6:00pm in person

Please join us on November 15 at 6:00pm in the Learning Commons at Notre Dame.  For this meeting, we will provide pizza, so please click here before 10am on November 15 to let us know if you are attending so that we can plan accordingly.  

Our November meeting theme is: “closing the learning gap", featuring presentations from students, teachers and the principal.  We hope you can join us.

Waterloo Math Contest

On Wednesday, a group of students will be writing the Waterloo Math Contest.  This contest is written by students around the world for learners who want to explore math and computer science and develop their confidence, to advanced students who want to stretch their limits.

We wish our students competing the best of luck and know that they will join the many, many past winners from Notre Dame. 

PD DAY - November 10

There will be no school for students on November 10. 

A Message from Ottawa Public Health

Ottawa Public Health has asked us to share this notice about immunizations

Help our Grads

Got leaves? 

*UPDATE* - The Rake-a-thon Prom fundraiser has been very successful, raising over $600 to date! If you don't have leaves to rake, but would like to make a donation to this worthy cause, you may do so through SchoolCashOnline. Thanks so much for your support of our ND Grads!

ND can help! The ND Prom Committee is running a Rake-A-Thon fundraiser where grade 12 students will be raking leaves in the community in exchange for donations to their 2024 prom. If you would like to have your yard raked, please fill out this form. Please feel free to share this with family and friends in the community. Thanks for supporting our graduating students in making their prom a success! 

Special Event for YOU to join


Join us for a special presentation from our guest speakers this Saturday, November 4 at 9:30am at the OCSB Main Office, 570 West Hunt Club Road.

Miguel Martinez

An inspiring mission to fill the world with good news and push past the negativity. Enjoy an uplifting outlook on life and sources of inspiration you won't find elsewhere. From humorous videos to enlightening podcasts, Miguel has something for everyone who needs a little extra positivity each day. With content that ranges from honest advice to inspiring stories, he'll help keep a bright light in your life.

Web: https://www.mtclife.com/

Brave Education

Learn the difference between bullying behaviours and everyday conflicts, prevention and intervention strategies, how to instill confidence and practical communication strategies.

Web: https://braveeducation.com/


There will be a lot of fun activities, giant bubble fun and refreshments for them to enjoy.  Children must be toilet trained to participate.

Register to attend: http://OttawaCSPA.eventbrite.com. All parents/guardians are welcome to this inspirational event.

TVO Mathify Tutoring Service for Students

TVO Mathify is an Ontario online tutoring service that is now offering math help for students up to Grade 12.  Students will need to register to create an account using their Ontario education number (OEN).  The service connects students with a certified Ontario teacher where one-on-one tutoring can occur.  The service is publicly funded so there is no cost to families. 

Spirit Week - October 30 - November 3

Next week is a school-wide fall spirit week that is being led by our Student Council.  Students are encouraged to join in by dressing in daily theme wear.  Points will be awarded to homerooms and the homerooms with the most students participating will receive a pizza lunch. 

● Monday- Sweater Day (wear a cozy sweater)

● Tuesday- Costume Day

● Wednesday- Fall Color Day

○ Grade 7- Orange

○ Grade 8- Green

○ Grade 9- Yellow

○ Grade 10- Brown

○ Grade 11- Beige

○ Grade 12- Red

● Thursday- Twin Day

● Friday- Thrift Day (wear something you thrifted)

Take Your Kids to Work Day - November 1st

Parents are encouraged to make arrangements to have their grade 9 child attend work with them on Nov 1st. Students are asked to complete this Permission formPermission Forms were also handed out in students' homeroom classes and are due back to period one teachers by October 27.

Students who remain at school will participate in career exploration activities in class.  Students who participate in the community will not be responsible for any additional work from school that day.

If you cannot take your child to your workplace, students are also able to visit a workplace with a relative, neighbour or family friend.

1:30 Early Dismissal - Thursday, October 19

Due to semester one parent/teacher conferences, all students (grades 7-12) will be dismissed at 1:30 p.m. on October 19. Transportation has been adjusted to the new time. All after school activities are cancelled.

Halloween Costumes

We expect all costumes to be culturally sensitive and appropriate. No costume will be allowed that falls under cultural appropriation: “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect the culture.” 

Halloween Costumes expectations: costumes will not include weapons, full face-covering masks, and elements of violence/gore. 

High School Parent/Teacher Conferences - Thursday, October 19

Semester One conferences are scheduled for Thursday, October 19.  Booking information will be shared on October 12. All interviews will be held in person.  Please check your email to book an appointment.

Grade 7 OPH Immunization Clinic

Grade 7 Immunization Clinics are happening on Wednesday, October 11 and Thursday, October 12 at ND. Paperwork was sent home with grade 7 students on Tuesday, October 3. Please return the paperwork to homeroom teachers no later than October 10. For more information, please visit www.ParentingInOttawa.ca/immunization.

Student Photo Proofs have arrived

Homeroom teachers handed out student photo proofs on Tuesday, September 26. 

Order deadline is October 3. 

At the bottom of the proof is a QR code, which students are encouraged to scan so they can download their student eID card. 

ND Spirit Wear is now on sale! - Last day to order is September 25

ND Spirit Wear is on sale until September 25.

Visit Tuck Gear to place your order today! 

Options currently available are Science Wear and Eagle Wear. Both are accepted as uniform.

Uniform Donations

We encourage everyone to consider donating used uniforms.  If you would like us to pick up the uniform donation, please call the school office and we can arrange pickup. 

Uniforms - September 8 UPDATE

All students who have not yet received uniforms from Top Marks are to see their vice-principal before going to class on Monday. 

At this point, all students are expected to be in full uniform.  Non-uniform sweaters, joggers and other non-uniform clothing items are not allowed.  Students not in uniform should expect to be sent home to change.

Meet the teacher

We invite you to join us for our annual Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday, September 14.  It will begin at 5:30 pm in the school auditorium with a short welcome.  From 5:45 until 7:30, you will be able to meet the teachers and staff working with your children.  We hope to see you there! 

7/8 Report Cards - June 27 

Grade 7&8 report cards are scheduled to be posted to the Parent Portal on the evening of Tuesday, June 27th. The last day of scheduled classes for students in grades 7&8 is Wednesday, June 28th.  

High School Report Cards - July 4

High school (grades 9-12) report cards will be posted to the Parent Portal on July 4, 2023. 

Welcome to ND! - A message for our 2023/24 grade 7 students

We are excited to welcome you to our Notre Dame community.

Grade 7 will be full of exciting opportunities that will challenge you to grow and develop as individuals. You will be introduced to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences that will shape your future success. We invite you to take advantage of the different clubs, teams and volunteer opportunities that await you.  We look forward to having you as part of our community and look forward to the contributions you will make. Together, we will create a vibrant, diverse and inclusive community of learners committed to excellence.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Notre Dame. You can also visit our "Parents" page for more helpful info.

Enjoy your summer and we will see you in September.

Smuggler's Notch Ski Trip - Grades 9-12

Pending school board approval, Notre Dame will be offering a 3 day, 2 night ski trip to Smugglers' Notch, Vermont, USA. The goal of this Google Form is to gauge student interest.  If you are a student in grade 9-12, please consider completing this form. I would also ask that you speak with your family about this opportunity, especially the dates and cost.

Dates: Friday March 1-Sunday March 3, 2024

Cost: Approximately $580.00*

*Exact pricing options are still being confirmed.

Thank you,

Ms. Smith

Rm 206