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Student Services Grad Info and Important Dates 

Important Dates for Grads



27th - Carleton University Open House 

          University of Ottawa Open House

30th - Algonquin College Visit During Period 4


6th - Algonquin College Open House, 9am - 12pm

8th - OUAC Presentation 

12th Scholarships and Awards Presentation @ Lunch 

14th - Bishop University Lunchtime Visit 

26th - University of New Brunswick Lunchtime Visit 

29th - OCAS Presentation @ 10:15 - 11:30 


20th - First Deadline for Grad Fees/Community Service Hours 

          Grad Profile Sheets Due 


17th - OUAC Applications Due


1st - OCAS Applications Due 


23rd - Saint Paul University Open House (Saturday)  


26th - Final Date to Submit Grad Fees and Community Service Hours 


6th - Valedictorian Applications Open 

13th - Valedictorian Applications Close

22nd - Graduation Liturgy 

29th - Grad Retreat 

23rd - Grad Ceremony Profile Due 


7th - Prom at Chateau Laurier 

12th - Commencement Rehearsal during Period 3

27th - Graduation Commencement Ceremony 

Student Services Staff

Student Services is the place to find all the information you require when planning your pathway through High School.
We are here to:
  • Assist you in planning your future 
  • Talk about educational, personal and social concerns 
  • Help you recognize and make the best of your capabilities 
  • Help you to achieve success 
Please contact us:
Phone: 613-722-6689
Fax: 613-722-2132

Head of Student Services:
Meagan Morris 

Guidance Counsellors
Alanna Trines (A - K)
Meagan Morris (L - Z)

Student Services Office Administrator
Caterina Caminiti

Achievement Centre/Student Success Teachers
Kate McGarrity-Fournier
Louise Ogilvie  

Sean McElhinney

Cooperative Education
Lori Beresford-Jackson
Education for Community Living
Sheila Beatty 
Luke Coates 

High Needs Coordinator
Ben Hiscock 

Multicultural Liason Officer
Felora Noori 

Social Worker
Mary Thornton 
Sadia Faqiri (Acting) 

Special Education
Jim Gasper (Grades 7-8)
Christine Barlow (Grades 9-12)  
Tania Wit ( Grades 9 - 12) 

Educational Assistants 
Jacob Bernard
Matthew Gannon
Joanne Howell
Angela Jackman 
Samantha Larabie 
Shannon MacFarlane 
Meghan McCarthy 
Kim Nadeau 
Peggy O'Malley 
Barbara Pereira-Rodrigues 
Pierre Roman
Janice Rehman
Adele Stubbert
Lee Turcotte
Oscar Velasco