Study Skills and Dealing with Stress

posted Jan 11, 2016, 7:30 AM by Jennifer Peters
The Mental Wellness team will be running 3 Study Skills and Dealing with Stress events this week at lunch in the cafeteria.  Stop by and join in !!
On Tuesday, January 12th:  Studying TIPS - Taking study breaks, and refueling helps you keep focused during exams. - Eat breakfast, stay hydrated and get enough sleep.  
-Join us for smoothies and healthy snacks in the cafeteria.  
On Wednesday, January 13th: Focus- How do you handle your stress?  Join us in the CHAPEL for a yoga and breathing class.  
On Thursday, January 14th: Focus - Use Studying Techniques to help you study for exams and SQUEEZE your stress away by using Stress balls.  Join us in the cafeteria today for tips.