Notre Dame Students Debut Anti-Violence Video

posted Sep 26, 2014, 8:54 AM by Lindsay O'Hare
On September 8, a group of Notre Dame High School students debuted their new video “In Love and In Danger,” which encourages their peers to develop healthy relationships. The video highlights what students can do to help themselves and others when they are in or around dangerous or violent relationships. The “for students, by students” approach helps make the message more powerful and relatable, and the students hope it increases the chance that other youth will listen to what is being said.

View the Video Here

Part of the message is to not stand by when you see violence among your peers, but to speak up. "If you see dating violence, if you know it's happening speak out," said Nelson Mandara, a grade 10 student at Notre Dame. "If it's happening to you speak out. Don't sort of keep it in. Don't hold it in, always share.”

Developed in 1999, In Love and In Danger reaches up to 30,000 high school students in Ottawa’s two English speaking school boards every year. The program’s creation was a response to the increasing rates of abuse in teen dating relationships, and its goal is to stop the violence before it starts. It uses a community-wide approach that preaches prevention through education and social media.