Notre Dame's 6th Annual Heritage Food Fair

posted Feb 13, 2015, 8:58 AM by Lindsay O'Hare
Notre Dame (Intermediate Panel) High School will hold it's 6th annual Heritage Food Fair next Friday, February 20th.

We ask students and staff to participate by bringing a dish showcasing their heritage!!

A few notes about the event: 
February 20th @ lunch (slightly extended lunch)  
- Grade 6 and teachers are joining us for the Heritage Food Fair and the mini timetables.
- Bring your dish to Room 206 (the kitchen) before homeroom on the 20th.
- Encourage students to pair up to alleviate the cost and/or to make it more fun!
- Drinks will not be provided, they should bring their wattle bottle.

We Strongly Encourage You: 
- to pre-cut the dish into bite-sized portions 
- to label the dish, lid and serving utensils 
- if possible, to avoid cooking or baking with allergens (eggs, nuts, kiwis, shrimps, etc.)

We look forward to celebrating another successful Heritage Food Fair ! Stay tuned for pictures!