Mother's Day Blessing

posted May 12, 2017, 6:12 AM by Lindsay O'Hare
Image result for mothers dayThis coming weekend is Mother’s Day so our prayer will take the form of a litany this is a good time to think about doing something to express your gratitude for your mother
or someone who offers a Mother’s love to you. Loving God, You Who mothered all of us into life,
We ask Your blessing on all mothers of the world:
For expectant mothers who may be anxious or excited in this time of waiting…
For sleep-deprived mothers who nurture babies and chase toddlers,
For mothers of teens who keep vigilance until all are safely home,
For single mothers who parent with love, often without adequate support or finances,
For mothers whose children are absent from their lives
For elderly mothers with memories failing who must lean on the legacy of their children,
For adoptive mothers who make another’s child their own,
For guardians and mentors and caring adults, who contribute in some ways to children and
youth who need the love of a mother.
We pray in thanksgiving for mothers who strive to give their children love, safety and