HAVE YOU HEARD? Notre Dame Now Accepts Online payments!

posted Nov 19, 2014, 11:40 AM by Lindsay O'Hare   [ updated Nov 19, 2014, 11:45 AM ]
As of November 24, Notre Dame is pleased to offer families the opportunity to pay student event fees electronically. The new School Cash Online program will provide a convenient fee payment option that will save time, reduce paper, maintain a focus on instruction in the classroom and limit cash and check in backpacks and in the school.
Participating parents will be notified by e-mail of student event costs available to pay online once they register on the School Cash Online website. Parents can make secure online payments by eCheque or ewallet anytime.
Step 1: Register: 
a)  If you have not registered, please go to the School Cash Online homepage: https://ocsb.schoolcashonline.com and select the “Get Started Today”            option.
b)  Complete each of the three Registration Steps
·         For security reasons your password requires 8 characters – one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and a number.
Step 2: Confirmation E-Mail

A registration confirmation e-mail will be forwarded to you. Click on the link provided inside the e-mail to confirm your e-mail and School Cash Online account.
The confirmation link will open the School Cash Online site, prompting you to sign in to your account. Use your e-mail address and password just created with your account.

After you receive the confirmation e-mail, please select the “click here” option, sign in and add each of your children to your household account.