Battle Of The Grades

posted Apr 12, 2018, 12:12 PM by Lindsay O'Hare
Next week ND Students are encouraged to participate in B.O.T.G!! Daily activities include

Monday Dress down - Grade Colours
Grade 12: Black 
Grade 11: Red 
Grade 10: Blue
Grade 9: Green
Grade 8: Purple 
Grade 7: WHITE
Lunch activity - Blindfolded chair finding

TuesdayDress down - Tropical Tuesday (Hawaiian clothes)
Lunch activity - Musical chairs

WednesdayDress down - Multicultural day (dress in clothes that represent your background)
Lunch activity - Balloon popping

Thursday:Dress down: Mathletes vs. Athletes
Grade 12: Mathletes
Grade 11: Athletes
Grade 10: Mathletes
Grade 9: Athletes
7/8: Choose either one
Lunch activity - Basketball in the Gym

FridayDress down: Blast from the past (dress from any decade)
Lunch activity - Karaoke